Charge [noun]

Definition of Charge:


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Sentence/Example of Charge:

I ask that we reach out to Corporation Council and ask them to deny the request based on the fact that the case is still active, as it is currently being investigated for possible criminal charges to be brought forth by the AG’s office.

It suggests that he doesn’t take any responsibility for deaths in the states that have a different political party in charge.

Cohen had already pleaded guilty to those charges, so they ended up standing.

Schutzenhofer, the club’s general manager, did not respond to questions about the charges.

I was able to top up my charge by almost 50 percentage points in half an hour.

In other words, QED and the Standard Model simply can’t say what the bare charge of the electron is from zero nanometers away.

Because Joe Biden isn’t president and the Democratic Party isn’t in charge of setting federal policy.

The investigation into the charges should have been more extensive.

She is in charge of the production, supply chain and repair network for Apple’s most important product as well as underlying components.

He was voluble in his declarations that they would “put the screws” to Ollie on the charge of perjury.