Indictment [noun]

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Using the traditional elements of the classic horror movie in exciting new ways, “Get Out” is a searing indictment of American racism.

For instance, even in 1974 there were unique circumstances, like one incumbent losing because he was under indictment on bribery charges.

The gang was so successful, according to the indictment, that Kriuchkov said the Tesla scheme would have to be delayed while most of its attention was on another ransomware victim.

The effort ultimately raised over $25 million after promising — falsely, the indictment alleges — that the donations would not benefit Kolfage.

The indictment is not the only legal trouble for the organization.

The indictment does not say which platform the Build the Wall campaign used to raise money, referring only to a “Crowdfunding Website.”

It’s an indictment of a government that doesn’t protect people from the excesses of the capitalist system.

For example, last year, the Department of Justice announced an indictment of certain company officials from Huawei.

A simple majority vote is needed for indictment on the charges.

The sharpened faculties have something of a lawyer's quickness in detecting a flaw in the indictment.