Praise [noun]

Definition of Praise:

congratulations; adoration

Opposite/Antonyms of Praise:

Sentence/Example of Praise:

Let young men hear the praise of virtue from the lips of beauty.

Would I rob Heaven and give the praise and honour to the creature?

It received the praise of Gifford, the severest of English critics.

Those who succeed, You'll praise perforce,--so there's no need To speak of that.

Chip blushed under the praise and hastily answered the question.

The man whom you praise wrested it from me to build this church.

Nor did the service of praise which preceded the election induce a milder spirit.

Help us, then, through grace, and so I will praise Thee from now to all eternity.

The minute they find out you're Irish, they'll plaster you with praise.

Then the sailors sang a hymn of praise, and the hymn was of the king and to the king.