Sycophancy [noun]

Definition of Sycophancy:

congratulations; adoration

Opposite/Antonyms of Sycophancy:

Sentence/Example of Sycophancy:

There was no sycophancy on the part of the young man, no patronage on that of the employer.

Much of this sycophancy is due to the poverty of the educated classes.

Sycophancy was as acceptable as real regard, since each catered to his vanity.

The President, however, was growing weary of his own sycophancy.

The whole teaching profession is honeycombed with sycophancy.

His mother, Livia Augusta, was the object of a like sycophancy.

He knew that the malice was as shallow as the good will; and the alternatives were resentment, sycophancy, or a little subtlety.

They were taunted with sycophancy to England, and a craving after English distinctions and aristocratic preeminence.

His caustic audacity salted his sycophancy and made him a man apart from the herd of flatterers.

Her contempt of sycophancy, and bold independence led her constantly into trouble.