Cheering [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cheering:

This year, marketers are turning more and more to influencers to spread holiday cheer.

Households with close quarters and slipping masks over holiday cheers isn’t going to help the worsening situation, no matter how cozy you may feel in your hometown.

In Jordan, Gordon’s district, the two sports girls were most interested in were archery and cheer, both of which are not sanctioned by the UHSAA.

The crowd, which numbered in the tens of thousands, gave him a thunderous cheer when he took the stage.

When cheer gyms reopened in July, Patrick Henry cheer coaches called practices indoors at the CheerForce gym in El Cajon.

Presently the aeroplane came into sight again and was greeted with a sudden roar of cheering.

And then the cadets marched around and across the campus, waving their firebrands, and singing and cheering lustily.

Bobby Hargrew started the cheering; but it was Laura who reached Jess first and hugged her tight.

But the groom who took care of them sprang instantly after them, and kept swimming beside them, guiding and cheering them.

This caused many a burst of cheering from the crowds, as the fact and its import became gradually known.