Adoring [verb]

Definition of Adoring:

love intensely

Synonyms of Adoring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adoring:

Sentence/Example of Adoring:

While sports fans adore athletes, NFL players said they revere anime characters.

The other grandparents seem to be just fine with, and perhaps even adore and encourage, the child's behavior, so we're glad to defer all the holidays to them.

At 17, she feels lucky to be married to a handsome young man who adores her.

He adores it — the winter activities, the bonhomie in restaurants, the perfect summers.

I adored this meringue-like treat included in my roundup of 14 American regional cookies from last year.

Since 2007, they’ve put more than 200,000 into the ground, including many of the fruiting species like durian that orangutans adore.

He might be answered thus: Esteem your ancestors, without adoring them.

She felt that she could no longer conceal her own annoyance, and she was glad of this adoring audience of one.

I went home to chambers; Allen stayed adoring the unexampled Longepierre.

Louis the Fifteenth, another God-defying, self-adoring sensualist.