Dig [noun]

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In another, she digs into the mythology and fetishization of mermaids.

This time we’re digging into Techstars’ latest three accelerator classes.

Any SEO will tell you that an automated auditing tool won’t tell you nearly as much as a person with expertise digging into your website.

In today’s essay, I dig into the big Tesla-Bitcoin news and tease out what it may mean for ESG investors, a true force on Wall Street.

So we’ll want to look for ice we can dig out from under the surface at lower latitudes.

The more ad execs dig into how SKADNetwork works, the more it seems like the framework an unfair advantage over rivals.

The four who survived had minor injuries and managed to dig out the others.

We’ll need to really need to dig deep into a policy analysis and then hopefully come up with a reasonable threshold.

For the current issue of Fortune, I dug into one of the biggest CEO transitions of 2020.

There’s no central place to find this information, so expect to do a little digging online.