Innuendo [noun]

Definition of Innuendo:


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Sentence/Example of Innuendo:

Given such an agenda, the FBI’s file on King, as you might expect, is shot through with hostility, sexual innuendo, and gossip, with plenty of references to King’s numerous extramarital affairs.

If the Bucks continue to fall short, innuendo will overtake the happiness of this moment.

The questions about China, and innuendos about whether Democrats can be trusted to confront them, have no end date.

More than a dozen women told the Times that in the presence of Fred Dame, the court’s co-founder and honorary “chair emeritus,” they were subjected to sexual innuendo and unwanted touching.

Gossip in all its moods and tenses, from the vague indicative of mere innuendo, to the full subjunctive of open defamation!

This exhibited enormous, black head-lines, screaming innuendo of the most blasting character.

"All very well going up," murmured the mountaineer: there was a sinister innuendo in the curt comments of the practical man.

Piper was heartily glad that Hooker had won, and he felt that Roy was generous in his willingness to overlook Shultzs innuendo.

She was inimitably dexterous and indefatigable in improving every occasion of innuendo.

There is perhaps a veiled innuendo in Barras' letter of December 30th.