Proof [noun]

Definition of Proof:

evidence, authentication

Opposite/Antonyms of Proof:

Sentence/Example of Proof:

But you think otherwise, I will not put you upon labouring the proof, as you call it.

That he killed a mutineer is proof of his resolute adherence to discipline.

These goods which you sell are not to be seen, nor is there any proof that you hold them.

But Posthumus will not await the proof for which he has asked.

It is a proof of human weakness, and not of the truth of their art.

Now, after such a proof of her goodness, could he permit her to suffer so much grief?

None of the strongholds are proof against Irish sympathizers, in their vicinity.

I didn't get the proof that she was not my sister until after I came home.

Yet—to look at him—who, that had not known the proof, could believe him guilty?

I'll do your proof for you and you may put all your time on class honors.