Demonstration [noun]

Definition of Demonstration:

display of proof

Synonyms of Demonstration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demonstration:

Sentence/Example of Demonstration:

ClearFlame is also conducting a demonstration on a Cummins engine platform supported by funding from the Department of Energy.

Next month, the company will unveil a demonstration aircraft called the XB-1, a new supersonic-capable plane that is one-third the size of what they hope their commercial airliner will be.

Federal officials have arrested more than 300 people since the demonstrations began.

There’s a lot of demonstrations that were happening in LA for years that I didn’t know about until all of this.

It was the beginning of a week of unrest and protests that mirrored destructive demonstrations seen earlier this summer following police violence.

From the get-go of the demonstration, there was an undercurrent of tension between what’s possible in neuroengineering versus what’s needed to understand the brain.

On Friday, Musk emphasized that the main goal of his presentation was to recruit staff for Neuralink, a reminder that even what we saw was a very early demonstration.

In tweets leading up to the event, Musk had promised fans a mind-blowing demonstration of neurons firing inside a living brain—though he didn’t say of what species.

The demonstration was intended to show that the high-profile startup’s technology works, even if only at a basic level, inside the brain of a living animal.

June has come and gone, and the absence of most Pride parades, parties, and other public demonstrations of solidarity with the LGBTQ community is palpable.