Explanation [noun]

Definition of Explanation:

clarification; reason

Opposite/Antonyms of Explanation:

Sentence/Example of Explanation:

They may be accurate, or there may be a reasonable explanation for everything.

Now, there could be several explanations for the absences this year.

McIlroy told reporters the PGA Tour was informed Monday that a course volunteer acknowledged stepping on his ball while looking for it in the rough, providing an explanation of how the ball might have become embedded after taking a bounce.

Bill Murray is Bill Murray — the best possible explanation for why he was nominated for “On the Rocks,” but not co-star Rashida Jones.

In explanation, administrators have pointed to the nation’s inability to contain the coronavirus pandemic, but another factor may have been outspoken advocacy from teachers’ associations, which have pushed for remote learning from the start.

In this instance, with insufficient info, users flocked to Twitter but found no explanation on the Robinhood Twitter account either.

Twitter blocked access to dozens of accounts in India, including some that belonged to high-profile individuals, on Monday to comply with a “legal demand,” prompting confusion and anger among users who are seeking an explanation for this action.

The explanation for how Deloitte could be the only approved source for a product like VAMS, despite having no direct experience in the field, comes down to onerous federal contracting requirements, Schank says.

Kraft, in an explanation for its crimes, says “love makes people do strange things.”

The frustrating challenge is that researchers are often already offering these explanations, but the public and its representatives tend to want more certainty than science can provide.