Concealment [noun]

Definition of Concealment:

hiding, secrecy

Synonyms of Concealment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concealment:

Sentence/Example of Concealment:

I never trouble my head about details; it is enough, the man is a political refugee, and his object concealment.

What was equally important, a thick clump of cottonwood and willow furnished tolerably secure concealment.

The friends of the monarchy soon found all efforts at concealment unavailing.

The church on the conversion of Constantine emerged from the concealment of the Catacombs to the sunshine of imperial favour.

But the institutions of the United Provinces were not well fitted for the purpose of concealment.

They found the half-breed cooking some bacon over a tiny fire, at the head of a gulch that was just made for human concealment.

When darkness had fallen, she became reckless of concealment, and walked a short way up the river in the hope of meeting Dic.

By this time the two watchers had crept from their concealment near enough to note what he was doing in the bedroom.

The frequency with which it is seen near cliffs suggests that it finds concealment under rocks.

As it was, we found a snug hiding-place in a thicket of swamp growth, where we lay in concealment all day.