Revelation [noun]

Definition of Revelation:

disclosure, telling

Opposite/Antonyms of Revelation:

Sentence/Example of Revelation:

The past had a certain revelation of truth; but the revelation of truth did not end with the past.

It was to her the revelation of a heart, and she saw with reverence.

At this revelation a vivid blush glowed on Gracie Dennis' cheek.

The man who had so loved her, so trusted her, was overwhelmed by the revelation.

What magic in the utterance, what a revelation of Cleopatra's character and of Shakespeare's!

And this illustration has significance for more than the physical order of revelation.

"Well, but I don't—" The revelation came to me before I could complete the sentence.

He broke a roll and munched it gloomily, pondering this revelation.

What a revelation, full of terrible testimony and immense sadness!

And how then can polished manners be a revelation of what is within?