Communication [noun]

Definition of Communication:

giving, exchanging information, ideas

Opposite/Antonyms of Communication:

Sentence/Example of Communication:

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is a creative and entertainment space rather than a social space for communication.

Ancient people didn’t necessarily have steel or wheels or electronic communications.

A sign is anything that produces meaning outside of the signifier itself, any form of communication where one thing — a word or symbol or gesture or behavior — means something more than itself.

These machines, which use principles of quantum physics to represent information, will one day be powerful enough to crack the most widely used encryption systems, rendering almost all digital communication insecure.

Reviving the communications with users once lost along the journey and reminding them to reconsider is costly, requiring data and ad frequency.

This promise of truly unhackable communication is driving a global push to build a quantum internet, with China currently firmly in the lead.

Chemical communication among insects isn’t always controlled by a single pheromone.

I say, it’s all about the context of communication, not mode.

They’ve undermined our democratic communication system in a big way, contrary to what we thought they were going to do.

The move effectively removes a key communication channel just as millions of Americans will begin to navigate a voting process different from any they’ve experienced before.