Transfer [noun]

Definition of Transfer:

change of possession

Synonyms of Transfer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transfer:

Sentence/Example of Transfer:

Then transfer it to a hot dish, and serve up the potatoes in another.

Then transfer them to a jelly-bag, and squeeze out the juice.

Shake it daily for a month, and then transfer it to small bottles.

Then transfer it to a jar, and set the jar into a pot of boiling water.

Let him transfer a little of his anxiety to the fear of losing his fifty pounds.

It contained a number of documents relating to the transfer of the mine.

That's four hours, and it will take some time to transfer the securities, and get the cash.

Little Jacques was the only one to suffer from that transfer of tenderness.

We paid £1,000 for his transfer, and could not possibly sanction his leaving us.

That is to say, somewhere and at some time there has been a transfer of that property that was illegal.