Removal [noun]

Definition of Removal:

the state of being removed

Synonyms of Removal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Removal:

Sentence/Example of Removal:

The station-master was standing on the platform, superintending the removal of a trunk.

Her friends advised her to leave it, but she had a horror of removal, of change.

When Harriett got back her father was making plans for his removal.

The removal of the helmet for the first tune revealed the man's features.

This nearly led to her removal and confinement in a hospital at Tarbes.

But what a terrible business did the removal of the offerings from the Grotto prove!

Truth to tell, it was not a disgrace but a removal to another spot.

But have fixed my removal to Monday, as I shall acquaint you in my next.

I am glad, my dear friend, that you approve of my removal to London.

Upon these grounds he went for the removal of the disabilities.