Expulsion [noun]

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If the committee or expulsion resolutions get to the point of a vote, House Republicans will have to go on record regarding their stance on Greene — something GOP leadership would likely rather avoid.

Castillo took the reins at the INS in May 1977, at the dawn of the age of mass expulsion.

To that point on expulsion, it finally arrived for full consideration.

Hague met their efforts with the expulsion of leafleteers by police and the arrest of 13 at a protest, after which city ordinances were invoked to deny permits for public meetings.

It is on the eve of that expulsion that “Nine Lives” begins, as Walsh reflects on a country he spent a decade trying to untangle.

Ample tolerance of all religions and sects, but abolition and expulsion of all monastic Orders.

Nor can the power of expulsion be transferred from the general body to a committee or officer.

An appeal by a member of a subordinate lodge from a vote of expulsion does not abate by his death while the appeal is pending.

Pernambuco had during the half century which had elapsed since the expulsion of the Dutch had time to recruit.

It was probably the first case in Philippine history of a person voluntarily seeking compulsory expulsion from the Islands.