Rush [noun]

Definition of Rush:

hurry, speed

Synonyms of Rush:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rush:

Sentence/Example of Rush:

She had feared he might rush his proposal through that night; he had been so much in earnest.

There was a rush and faint roar of the flame up the chimney as the cardboard burned.

You'd go out, when I was sound asleep, and tell them when they could rush me.

From morning until night, rush'd down the clanking guillotine.

Once there was a waver in the line, such as precedes a rush.

A rush of new strength and courage went from heart to brain.

A rush of joy thrilled through George as he heard the words.

His faith in himself was coming back—not strongly, with a rush, but with all humility.

I am sick in my soul of narrow apartments and wheels and the rush and roar of the city.

One felt tempted to brace oneself for the rush that was to come.