Flood [noun]

Definition of Flood:

overwhelming flow, quantity

Synonyms of Flood:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flood:

Sentence/Example of Flood:

As a result, poorer municipalities have less access to preparedness money for storms and floods.

When you’ve got a few billion years to work with, it’s very possible that each valley experienced everything from glacial erosion to lava flows to surging floods under silver skies.

The mayor of Imperial Beach, a border city blighted by frequent beach closures due to Tijuana River sewage runoff, says he needs short-term solutions for the floods his residents face while the federal government makes its decision.

With rains and storms, a river flood might have swept the dino’s body out to sea.

Too much rain can result in floods that destroy homes and lives.

Various impulses urged him into a pouring flood of words; yet he gave expression to none of them.

And as a flood hath watered the earth; so shall his wrath inherit the nations, that have not sought after him.

“Flood”—Cleveland vetoed an unprecedented number of bills during his term.

It was a rather depressed stock-hand, name of Flood, who blew cigarette smoke out over the brow of Writing-Stone that evening.

Only in the sensational moments of famine, flood or pestilence was a general social effort called forth.