Deluge [noun]

Definition of Deluge:

downpour, flood of something

Synonyms of Deluge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deluge:


Sentence/Example of Deluge:

Official data of damages to hog inventory have yet to be released, but videos and photos of dead pigs and flooded pens suggest farms did not escape the deluge.

The deluge of requests effectively causes the site to shut down.

It also comes amid a deluge of misinformation on the various platforms, with politicians including the President trying to discredit mail-in voting.

Because the deluge of technical reports from human rights groups, the WhatsApp lawsuit, and increasing governmental scrutiny threaten NSO’s status quo.

Coronavirus has caused a data deluge, and not all of the information is as accurate, objective, or up-to-date as it seems.

So the three Babcocks departed, and the silence which succeeded her deluge of words was soothing to her hosts beyond expression.

Crash went the collection of literature, and Welcome fell back on the floor of the stall, half-covered by a deluge of books.

There were only about four hundred years between the Deluge and the period at which we fix Abraham's journey into Egypt.

Then the Jew would have displayed his ten generations, down to the time of Noah, and the secret of the universal deluge.

And so they were caught fairly and squarely by the deluge that swept upon them with a bewildering suddenness.