Overflowing [adjective]

Definition of Overflowing:


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Sentence/Example of Overflowing:

His tone was filled full to overflowing with compunction as he answered.

He was waving his arms, beside himself, overflowing with the emotion of an artist.

The narrow and badly arranged galleries were packed to overflowing.

It was recess and the campus was overflowing with boys and girls, but Pat was alone.

Your overflowing valour may bring me into ruffles which I had otherwise avoided.'

In His own good time He has judged when the cup of these men's iniquities is overflowing.

The Great Mother, he thought bitterly, benevolent and overflowing!

My heart was full to overflowing; I must tell some one—I must speak to some one.

It was said that the French Treasury, which was not overflowing, was still more reduced by the Queen's partiality for her brother.

She found her still young, still fresh, overflowing with joy and health and hope.