Copious [adjective]

Definition of Copious:


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Sentence/Example of Copious:

Dinner occurred in the middle of the day, and about nine in the evening was an informal but copious supper.

The sun set in a dense bank and the moment it disappeared a very copious dew began to fall.

M. Roland had recently been traveling in Germany, and had written a copious journal of his tour.

A copious Index of emblems is added, as well as a general Index to the volume with its numerous illustrations.

I visited one day, in Aberdeen, a restaurant where a copious repast was being served for the modest sum of two pence a head.

It is seen falling in a copious shower, and gathered in the vestments of four Israelites.

But he must have had some leisure, for his diary is copious, especially for the days of which I am telling the story.

The general entered into conversation with the major, who was made the more talkative by a copious drink of my French brandy.

A standard and authoritative work enriched by copious illustrations.

A very copious collection of illustrations bearing on Greek and Roman life.