Lavish [adjective]

Definition of Lavish:

profuse; splendid

Opposite/Antonyms of Lavish:

Sentence/Example of Lavish:

These smaller Turkish towels give you the same lavish experience in an even smaller form.

Among animal remains found in the sediment—thought to be the debris from lavish feasts—are hundreds of pieces of human bones.

The pandemic could force an overdue contraction of the college sports industrial complex — though if moves at Stanford are any indication, it will mean slashing sports that don’t make money rather than paring back lavish football facilities.

In New York he was much impressed with the "elegant country seats," with the bountiful hospitality, and the lavish way of living.

Little patches may be seen near their huts, on which they lavish their attention and care.

The critics were fulsome in their praise and the public was lavish with its plaudits, but I was abjectly miserable.

The place lies high and in the open, and lacks the lavish shade of the more protected New England villages.

Dazzled by the more lavish gifts, she looked listlessly and disdainfully at bodkins, three for twopence.

Of general professions of loyalty the Earl was lavish enough, but when it came to material guarantees there was less compliance.

Assuredly it ought not, in such a case, as it appears to have done, lavish unqualified encomiums.