Grand [adjective]

Definition of Grand:

impressive, great

Opposite/Antonyms of Grand:

Sentence/Example of Grand:

Hamilton Beach has been around since 1910, making it the grand-pappy of the appliance world.

In the best of these relationships, the grand gesture of cooking became a part of everyday life, a way to sustain and nourish what we’d built.

Less was more, smooth was better, and absolute precision essential to the monthly grand illusion.

In the famous grand party held at Captain von Trapp’s villa, as his children are singing “So Long, Farewell,” he encapsulates the pull felt by fathers everywhere as his eldest, Liesl, is trying to mature too quickly.

Seeing vivid proof on the sport’s grandest stage is another.

This probably falls under “good problems,” in the grand scheme of things.

Greene’s own potential sanction is also something of a smaller point in the grand scheme of things.

Steinberg, who represents Patrick Mahomes and inspired “Jerry Maguire,” has thrown Super Bowl parties each of the past 33 years — each successive event seemingly bigger and grander than the previous one.

OK, maybe a four-minute pop song—but this grand, big-little film leaves you wanting more of Sparks, not less.

She was found guilty of grand theft and of securities violations, but left town before the final sentencing in December 1980.