Ambitious [adjective]

Definition of Ambitious:

desiring success

Opposite/Antonyms of Ambitious:

Sentence/Example of Ambitious:

Last week, IBM announced an ambitious road map for development of its quantum computers that may see machines capable enough for these kinds of solutions by the end of the decade.

When Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint opened The Perennial, the most ambitious and expensive restaurant of their careers, it was essentially on a self-dare.

They have been fueled by people wanting to be a part of something ambitious, and even a little bit dangerous.

It molded me into the wife and mother who lives life on her terms, who is an equal partner in marriage, who gets to be ambitious and nurturing, strong and vulnerable, all at the same time.

What the pandemic hasn’t done is stop creative, ambitious business leaders from figuring out ways to fix what’s broken, heal the sick, and clean up the planet.

IBM and Schlumberger began talking about an ambitious container project about a year ago and spent the past six months working on a proof-of-concept system for oil companies to use.

Lucas Joppa at Microsoft is pushing the company—and, if he’s successful, the planet—to achieve ambitious environmental goals.

The idea of exorcising capitalism from food access is an ambitious one.

Musk has made the world stop laughing in so many ambitious areas that the world is inclined to give a project in which he’s had a hand a second look.

Geoffrey and Matt Chaiken have an ambitious plan to lower the price that consumers have to pay for their prescription drugs.