Lofty [adjective]

Definition of Lofty:

high, elevated

Synonyms of Lofty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lofty:

Sentence/Example of Lofty:

Uber’s commitment to go all-electric by 2030 is a lofty goal.

The outlook for the electric-vehicle maker has always been contentious, and bears have long argued that Tesla has a business model problem—namely that its main business will never make enough money to justify the lofty stock price.

It went public at lofty valuations only to see its shares tank.

Given this backdrop, perhaps the most impressive part of the demonstration isn’t lofty predictions of what brain-machine interfaces could potentially do one day.

Stocks may keep trekking ever-higher at even loftier price tags.

Most controversially, they see stocks, despite their lofty valuations, as the best game in town.

That seems lofty to say the least based on other naming rights deals.

We had now approached closely to the foot of the mountain-ranges, and their lofty summits were high above us in mid-air.

It is a lofty and richly-decorated pile of the fourteenth century; and tells of the labours and the wealth of a foreign land.

Sir Cadge was about the same age as the famous beauty, and rose quite two inches above her lofty head.