Unobtrusive [adjective]

Definition of Unobtrusive:

keeping a low profile

Synonyms of Unobtrusive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unobtrusive:

Sentence/Example of Unobtrusive:

They were quite as anxious for meat--promptly--as anybody, and were as unobtrusive as shadows.

He left the scene of his daily labours quickly like an unobtrusive shadow.

And when you do lie awake at night, it is always making its unobtrusive appeal.

But the comers and goers were all of the most unobtrusive and ordinary cast.

His manners and demeanor were extremely modest and unobtrusive.

In a quiet, unobtrusive way Bobby was rather proud of himself.

The least prominent of public men, the most unobtrusive, the most obscure if not the most modest.

Elschen at twenty-nine was still very pretty in an unobtrusive way.

The drama of life does not cease even in the most unobtrusive consciousness.

So Foyle left Green and his companion to continue their unobtrusive vigil.