Reserved [adjective]

Definition of Reserved:

silent, unsociable; constrained

Opposite/Antonyms of Reserved:

Sentence/Example of Reserved:

This entrance was reserved for the judges, the competitors, and the heralds.

As he himself meekly intimates, she was reserved for another.

He was late at the breakfast and silent and reserved throughout that meal.

Ah, never had she known for what trials the infant had been reserved!

The reserved Englishwoman took up Mr Meagles in his last remark.

But you know what Mr Merdle is; you know how taciturn and reserved he is.

He was not a reserved man, but a secretive, which is quite a different thing.

An ample supply of the fresh venison was reserved to carry with us.

He was reserved for the higher counsels, the Counsels of Perfection.

Denial explicit or reserved, expressed or left to be inferred, is still a lie.