Communicative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Communicative:

Despite the criticisms, Jago’s communicative commitment has a definite intention.

Companies like Goodway Group, Box Media and Critical Mass — all nominated for Best Employer for Remote Employees — were able to keep their employees safe, communicative and productive, all at the same time.

The employees feel their companies’ leadership teams have not been sufficiently transparent and communicative in answering that question.

Malcolm understood instantly that his native companion had found the ekka-wallah more communicative.

Seeing that his friend did not intend to be communicative the boy wisely changed the subject.

Mazaroff had been too communicative in the hour of his supposed triumph, and he had told Varney everything.

She was busy during every moment while in the country, and her relative was no more communicative than of yore.

He kept repeating to himself that, if he lost his temper, she would never become communicative.

The stars, his informants, were as communicative on the most trivial as on the most important subjects.

Wallace crept into bed beside his communicative bedfellow in silence.