Unsociable [adjective]

Definition of Unsociable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unsociable:

Sentence/Example of Unsociable:

An unsociable meal it was—almost as unpleasant as were their inward thoughts.

Things will look strange and unsociable for a while, until you get the hang of them.

He was immediately reprehended for his brusque, unsociable manner.

A touch of pride came to him and he resolved that he would be as unsociable as his relative.

She had felt lonely at times, silent and unsociable, but never shy!

They seemed to be unsociable beings, for they also stalked in solemn silence.

"I would rather be unsociable than suffocated," you explain.

She did not want to be unsociable with the nurse; but she wanted to think, alone.

I am sorry, my dear, he is so unsociable; he is a cat of very bad taste, that is all I can say.

And so she had left me early, saying, in her impetuous way, that I was unsociable.