Introverted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Introverted:

But who shall cast an introverted eye Upon himself, that will not there descry A conscious life that shall, nor cannot die?

As we see, the parts were completely introverted, it was the prisoner who gave orders to his keeper.

One spectator, as we guess from his introverted air, is laughing to think what somebody else would think of this.

The introverted rostrum of the Pectinibranch Gastropods presents in contrast to these a limited range of movement.

A subdued cheerfulness seemed to possess Lester, the mamma's boy, as if he had eased and become less introverted.

Frank hadn't tried to talk to him much, and Lester, more introverted than ever, was no starter of conversations.

I'd never talked with anyone from a Place that had been Introverted.

He signed the check with his tight, little introverted signature.

Its activity in externally directed thought is accompanied by an almost corresponding use of introverted reflection.

But Johannes was in a restless, introverted mood, and could find no words for what distressed him.