Restrained [adjective]

Definition of Restrained:

calm, quiet

Opposite/Antonyms of Restrained:

Sentence/Example of Restrained:

But he had not done so, and she was glad he could be restrained and deliberate in that "breedy" sort of way.

But his curiosity was too strong to be restrained by mere compassion.

He felt her eye was upon him, and restrained his emotions as he proceeded.

But even in his fierce young indignation he restrained himself.

It restrained him, opposed the will of him toward personal liberty.

Woman, restrained to purity, has of necessity fallen often into impurity.

Nor has the discussion of the subject been restrained within the limits of conversation.

Nevertheless, she restrained herself from making any disclaimer.

The reaction, indeed, was restrained; but so also was the movement of reform.

The first hint of restrained passion was in the answering voice.