Temperate [adjective]

Definition of Temperate:

calm, moderate

Synonyms of Temperate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Temperate:

Sentence/Example of Temperate:

Not a hand was raised—for his worst enemies could not deny that he was temperate and frugal.

I am like the drunkard who admires a temperate life, yet can't pass a ginshop.

It was a mistake, then, was it, to be temperate and industrious?

A temperate and instructive contribution to railroad literature.

He was temperate in his rationalism and thrifty in his philanthropy.

And being perfect, is therefore wise and valiant and temperate and just.

So if they found a mineral deposit, it would have been in a temperate zone.

Well, but is a just man the friend of the unjust, or the temperate of the intemperate, or the good of the bad?

And he is temperate as well as just, for he is the ruler of the desires, and if he rules them he must be temperate.

And a coward would do less than a courageous and temperate man?