Checked [verb]

Definition of Checked:

inspect, examine

Synonyms of Checked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Checked:

Sentence/Example of Checked:

When these last words of his were interpreted to her, she started, made as if she would run after him, but checked herself.

Bernard uttered a quick exclamation, but Angela checked him with a glance, and Gordon looked from one of them to the other.

He was greeted by hoots and jeers, but with absolute imperturbability he reorganised his forces and checked the enemy.

She checked these useless inquiries; they gave rise to painful and humiliating conjectures.

The clerk had put them all up now and packed them into the basket and stood expectantly with the list checked off in his hand.

The things these fellows produce are all read and checked by competent General Staff Officers.

Winston shivered a little at the dispassionate brutality of the speech, and then checked the anger that came upon him.

Jerry saw his opportunity; he knew the pursuit must be checked, or his whole band would be captured or dispersed.

The rain did not put out the fire, but so checked it that, by hard work, it could be kept under control until it died out.

Without the least knowledge of their force, Hobbs instantly gave them a well directed fire, which checked their impetuosity.