Composed [adjective]

Definition of Composed:

calm, collected

Opposite/Antonyms of Composed:

Sentence/Example of Composed:

Madame de Condillac stood watching him, her face composed, her glance cold.

The expression of his features was calm and composed, and his eyes were raised to heaven with a look of hope and supplication.

In his condemned cell he composed a beautiful poem of 14 verses (“My last Thought”), which was found by his wife and published.

When d'Aubran entered, the Seneschal was composed and in his wonted habit of ponderous dignity.

For a long time she met with the usual rejections, and it was a year or more before anything she composed received any notice.

The human species,” Charles Lamb says, “is composed of two distinct races, the men who borrow and the men who lend.

I hurried home, Tom and I composed a careful and judicious p. 47letter.

The little gentleman turned pale, and making a strong effort to appear composed, stood up, as Mr. Winkle entered the room.

So we composed ourselves again to hear of the battle to the death between the noble missionary woman and the mighty Bengal.

She is still attired in widow's weeds, but looks more composed and happy than when we saw her many months ago there.