Serene [adjective]

Definition of Serene:

calm, undisturbed

Opposite/Antonyms of Serene:

Sentence/Example of Serene:

Her mother was looking at her with a serene comprehension and compassion.

Burke retained his manner of serene indifference to the other's agitation.

The General-in-chief was, as he had said, confident and serene.

It slid off now at sight of Cornelia Opp's serene, sweet face.

But his serene confidence in his magic caught their credulity.

Eudora turned her serene face and regarded her questioningly.

The fair oval of her face was as serene and proud toward the man as the face of the moon.

He softly opened his window, and looked out upon the serene river.

He has (God knows why) a serene contempt for ordinary mortals.

His Serene Highness has commenced his progress towards the hall.