Resting [adjective]

Definition of Resting:

taking rest

Synonyms of Resting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resting:


Sentence/Example of Resting:

Celine stared, resting no slight weight on the hot flat-iron.

It was three o'clock, and he would be resting from his work.

He found Austin sitting on the chair by his desk, resting his chin on his elbow.

Resting his head upon his hands, he looked upon them and sighed.

He riveted on the gods his enemies the yoke which had been resting on them.

Virginia, resting her head on Mrs. Ormond's shoulder, wept bitterly.

They pick one another up at resting stations, and go on in companies.

He washed the cut in a stream of water, and after resting himself kept on.

All doing seemed at an end, yea God himself to be resting and thinking.

But you would not deem it vain if you were the woman now resting on your bosom.