Quiet [adjective]

Definition of Quiet:

without or with little sound

Opposite/Antonyms of Quiet:

Sentence/Example of Quiet:

There are quiet and very decent places for those of us that must.

"If you still love Paralus, I wonder you can be so quiet and cheerful," said Eudora.

When they do not disturb him with earthly medicines, he is quiet and happy.

Where shall I find a quiet church where I may say his De profundis in peace?

How restful this quiet and reserve after the colour and line tumult of the Higbee apartment.

I am in the habit of boarding at a quiet house kept by a widow.

"Harry is quiet, and Philip keeps out of the way lately," she answered.

Uncle Jasper, who had a quiet voice and gentle manners, now stood rigid.

If you keep this up I'm going to take a walk so I can have quiet.

Perhaps the quiet of his boy had not been altogether the quiet of cowardice.