Loud [adjective]

Definition of Loud:

blaring, noisy

Opposite/Antonyms of Loud:

Sentence/Example of Loud:

It flies along a preset path and makes a loud buzzing noise while filming to avoid catching anyone unawares.

Additionally, the company said that the drone was deliberately designed to be loud, so that people know when they’re being recorded.

It only records when it’s moving and it’s “built-to be loud” so it won’t sneak up on you.

They measured the background noise in sparrows' territories and as well the characteristics of their calls—the highs and lows, and how loud they were.

The deputy chairman then made a decision based on his perception of which side is louder.

I called out several times, as loud as I could raise my voice, but all to no purpose.

He burst into a loud laugh, clapped his hands, and danced before the delighted babe.

This was such a ridiculous idea that Davy threw back his head, and laughed long and loud.

"Mind what I told you, Henery," he whispered very loud, glaring at Mr. Holmes.

At the store he would never have given in, but he was not accustomed to hearing so loud a murmur of approval greet the opposition.