Raucous [adjective]

Definition of Raucous:

noisy, rough; being rough or noisy in a high-spirited way

Synonyms of Raucous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Raucous:







Sentence/Example of Raucous:

"Cottonton" was a mass of frantic arms, raucous voices, white faces.

For a while, Oliver Symmes heard the raucous music of the crowd.

His voice was so deep and raucous that it seemed to jar the soles of her feet.

They roared the raucous song of freedom, and faster and faster they charged.

Cochran's voice rose above the clamor of the room in a raucous whoop.

"I can't take issue with you here," he said with a raucous laugh.

She too was looking at the booth, she heard the man's monotonous, raucous cries.

But still unabated, agonised, raucous, came the sounds of Harran's breathing.

It was a raucous howl of execration, a bellow of rage, inarticulate, deafening.

From it the voice to the city is often a pious one, an impious one, and almost always a raucous one.