Inharmonious [adjective]

Definition of Inharmonious:

lacking harmony

Synonyms of Inharmonious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inharmonious:

Sentence/Example of Inharmonious:

Our churches as a rule are shoddy and inharmonious affairs compared with those in England.

Nearing this, they heard the occasional inharmonious notes of an Indian flute among the trees.

Unusual as are the animals proportions, they are not inharmonious, and his appearance is eminently picturesque.

It should become familiar with spiritual language and modes of action, and meet nothing that is inharmonious with these.

It is possible that this objection helped Whistler to realise the inharmonious effect of a large signature on a picture.

But how was she to say it, how even to conclude what she had been saying, feeling how inharmonious it was with everything around?

As he drifted on with the inharmonious throng, he noticed what seemed the objective of the war.

But it was a long job; his movements were uncertain, for every nerve in his body was jumping in its own inharmonious key.

The Frenchman uses moi in the nominative case when je would be inharmonious.

But the conflict of patterns involved in institutions which are inharmonious with one another is already producing great changes.