Soft [adjective]

Definition of Soft:

cushioned, squishy

Synonyms of Soft:

Opposite/Antonyms of Soft:

Sentence/Example of Soft:

She was quite still, and he noted from the change in her soft breathing that she slept.

These he drove firmly into the soft bottom of a shallow lake.

Andrew Lanning was town bred and soft of skin from the work at the forge.

"He's layin' down," said Bill Dozier, and his voice was soft but audible in the saloon.

She was saying in a thick, soft voice, "It was wrong of you, my darling."

But my husban' he's that soft hearted, miss, where anything i' the baby-line's a goin' on!

The banks of the river were steep, and consisted of soft clay.

So keen the blade, so soft the touch, the sleeper did not wake!

The carpet was soft and rich; it gave back no sound of footfall.

Cook the potatoes and onions in the water until they are soft.