Velvety [adjective]

Definition of Velvety:

very smooth; like satin

Synonyms of Velvety:

Opposite/Antonyms of Velvety:







Sentence/Example of Velvety:

Its tone was velvety in its richness, nor was there the least inflection of astonishment in its tone.

The trees were all uninjured; the carpet of velvety moss was undefiled by blood.

It was dark; the stars were shining in a sky of velvety blueness.

Fruit clothed with velvety down, large; stone rough-wrinkled.

It was a clear, velvety night, and still, after the wind of the day.

The night accepted him with silence and solemnity, in a velvety envelopment.

He was floating, a pale red, velvety air caressed him and buoyed him.

There was a hint of something besides laughter in her velvety voice.

Beyond lay a sort of velvety darkness with white gleams in it.

From there she could look out at the campus, still green and velvety.