Healthy [adjective]

Definition of Healthy:

in good condition

Opposite/Antonyms of Healthy:

Sentence/Example of Healthy:

“There are historic reasons why talking about sex is jarring, and those reasons aren’t very healthy,” Borichevsky says.

I realized I needed to be healthier, and walking is just one piece of it.

So, if you’re both largely healthy, don’t feel like you have to hold off on cuddling or having sex.

Hopefully we can have a healthy lineup once we start playing again.

Having a better understanding of coyotes and how they play a role in our cities will lead to a safer and healthier urban ecosystem.

In a world where people have what they need to live healthy, nourished lives and opportunities to pursue a wide range of dreams and ambitions, whatever “need” people imagine there to be for police would be radically diminished.

Many of the people hitting the wall are employed, fed and healthy.

NBA rules mandate that healthy players who are selected to the All-Star Game must attend or face a hefty fine.

Then the researchers examined bacteria living with healthy starfish.

We need to take action now to ensure a clean and healthy environment for our families, our communities and future generations.