Fit [adjective]

Definition of Fit:

suitable, appropriate

Opposite/Antonyms of Fit:

Sentence/Example of Fit:

For Hart, the partnership is one of many relationships with brands and startups, but fits into his own lifestyle and thus made a lot of sense for him to work with, he says.

Finding a creator that speaks to you, with content that fits your physical needs, may sound like looking for a needle in a haystack—and it kind of is.

Algorithms are also increasingly used to determine what their education is like, whether they’ll receive health care, and even whether their parents are deemed fit to care for them.

Because health groups can still be found via Search, users will be able to easily surface groups that fit their beliefs, even when those beliefs are actively harmful to themselves or to others.

The company made a little paper cutout you can use to figure out what your size is, but, like ordering many kinds of clothing online, you might want to order two different sizes, see which fits best, and return the other.

“All this nonsense about how something is dictated by science is nonsense,” Barr said at another point in the Hillsdale event, a framing that would certainly fit nicely into any of Laura Ingraham’s recent Fox News programs.

It will be interesting to see how well this fits into the rest of Sony’s camera lineup.

At first glance, Sony’s new A7C camera would fit right in with the company’s mid-level A6000-series cameras.

Then tie a loop large enough to fit around your feet on each end.

Over time, the PatB enzyme likely evolved a pocket to fit the molecules from apocrine sweat glands.