Meet [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Meet:

No, Bines; they'll be here presently, and you can meet them, anyway.

That reminds me; they're friends of ours, too, and I must have you meet them.

May Heaven bless you, and permit us to meet again in another world, if not in this!

He was far from expecting to meet him on shipboard bound to India.

I should like to meet him face to face, and charge him with his treachery.

She took up a little package she had brought with her and went out to meet him.

I was glad to meet the party again, although we were in a bad position.

When absent for a week, I knew to a few minutes when we should meet again.

A party of fugitives were to meet her in a wood, that she might conduct them North.

You did not like to look at it, and you could not meet it without unpleasantness and awe.