Good [adjective]

Definition of Good:

pleasant, fine

Sentence/Example of Good:

Years of historical data and analysis helped guide the teams on which keywords were historically the best performing.

For best results, however, you should achieve 50 conversions over a 30-day period prior to implementing Target ROAS bidding.

If you own a small salon in Los Angeles, most people looking for salon services will search for very specific phrases like “salons in Los Angeles” or “best hair stylists in Los Angeles.”

Despite the best efforts of all involved, from players to TV producers, things were off all night.

Forwards Bile and Wahab were extremely active during Georgetown’s best runs, but foul trouble kept taking both off the floor.

There were two things Scott Brooks tried Sunday afternoon in Charlotte to give his Washington Wizards a better shot at a good start.

Ovechkin, who said Sunday’s game was the best he has felt all season, has five goals in eight games, including four since his return from the covid-19 protocol list.

Ayala’s trouble that night didn’t prompt much concern — “he’s been too good for us for almost three years now,” Turgeon said — and Ayala looked ahead.

Hill recorded 13 catches for 269 yards and three touchdowns in perhaps the best receiving performance of the season.

Often most parents don’t realize that everybody’s getting something, or they’re willfully ignorant of that, because it feels good to run around town saying, “My kid just got a five-figure academic scholarship from this-and-that college.”