Superb [adjective]

Definition of Superb:

excellent, first-rate

Opposite/Antonyms of Superb:

Sentence/Example of Superb:

The mists had now cleared off, and we were promised a superb day.

When that was finished, the three superb pieces of embroidery were put in their places.

He had superb health, so he spent most of what he made as it came to him.

She would not be wife, but what a wise, superb and faithful servant she made!

Moreover, Hetty had kept through all these years her superb health.

It amused me to imagine him dressed in superb Oriental costumes.

There was among them a superb Millet, which I should very much have liked to own.

The blanket lay at her feet, she was triumphant, she had a superb, glowing face.

An instant his superb eye resented, but then he pleasantly did my bidding.

The remarks of critics on this superb engraving are very strange and wide.