Magnificent [adjective]

Definition of Magnificent:

glorious, wonderful

Opposite/Antonyms of Magnificent:

Sentence/Example of Magnificent:

The Swede’s magnificent overall play from the blueline during the Cup run put him in the Conn Smythe Trophy14 conversation, but his influence on the power play during the finals sealed the deal.

RBG took home not only a magnificent painting, but “a friend for life.”

So naturally, the brand also makes a magnificent, highly affordable scalp scrub.

He’s a pro at rolling with the punches, meaning that when an interview with a celebrity conducted over Zoom is plagued by connection problems or drifts away from whatever the topic was supposed to be, he’s magnificent at just coasting along.

The route would require a magnificent amount of energy to pump water through a tunnel underneath the Cuyamaca mountain range, but less than other alternatives studied by consultants that opted to pump it over the peaks.

But what a magnificent plain is this we are entering upon: it is of immense extent.

It was such a magnificent sum that Sol did not feel like taking the familiarity with it of mentioning it aloud.

It was a spring day, and the fat buds of the chestnuts were bursting into magnificent green plumes.

“The British Raj is doomed,” she muttered, lowering her voice, and bringing her magnificent eyes close to his.

In Tiefurt we partook of a magnificent collation consisting of a mug of beer, brown bread and sausage!