Striking [adjective]

Definition of Striking:

extraordinary; beautiful

Opposite/Antonyms of Striking:

Sentence/Example of Striking:

As for this new edict, it will prove a rebounding arrow, striking him who sent it.

Its colonnades and shops are striking, and its baths are in the highest order.

The exterior is not remarkable, but the beauty of the internal ornament is most striking.

Will anyone pretend that England has not the best of this striking difference?

The railroad can do it, to restrain its employees from striking.

I might have spoken to you, of course, but there was no time to think, and it was really him I was striking.

"Striking" was perhaps the one adjective which would best describe her.

The moonlight, striking through the opening in the branches, fell across her.

He ducked instinctively, striking upward with his cutlass as he did so.

He got in motion slowly, striking the floor with his stick at every step.